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Save On Heating Costs In Memphis

Heating costs have gone up rapidly in the past two years. You may find that
you are paying twice as much to heat your home. What can you do to save some of
this money?

Start by walking through your home and identifying the areas where heated air is
leaking out. Check around your doors, windows, fireplaces and any drafty areas.
There are many ways to close off leaks. You can caulk, weather strip and use
plastic to seal off drafts. Put door sweeps on all of your outside doors. If
your home is poorly insulated, the additional money spent to insulate it will
pay for itself in reduced heating costs. The more you prevent heated air from
leaking out, the more you will save.

Most people never think of this, but you should minimize the usage of
ventilation fans and kitchen hood fans during the winter. I’ve heard it said
that one bathroom fan can pull all of the warm air out of an average sized house
in a little over an hour. This could increase your heating costs by a surprising

If you don’t use portions of your Memphis home, such as the guest room, why are
you heating them? Close the heating vents in these areas and close the doors to
rooms you don’t use.

Spend the money to have an annual maintenance performed for your furnace or heat
pump. This will keep it in good operating condition and running efficiently.
Poorly maintained units use more energy and fuel. Maintenance is often fairly
inexpensive when compared to the savings in heating costs and the extended life
of the unit.

Often, people get a little chill and crank up the thermostat in order to warm up
the room faster. This doesn’t work. The heater won’t heat up any more quickly.
Your furnace will only work harder than necessary. Don’t turn your heat
completely off when you are sleeping or not at home. Turning it too low will
cost you more to re-heat the air in your home. You should set the thermostat at
68 to 70 degrees while you are at home during the day, and drop it to 60 to 65
at night or when you aren’t at home. A programmable thermostat is great for

Take a look at your hot water heater. It should be set at 120 degrees at the
most. This is one of the safest temperatures anyway. If it is in an unheated
areas, like an unfinished basement, you should wrap it in an insulation blanket
to prevent heat loss. When washing clothes, try to wash them in cold water
whenever possible. They even make soap powder that works best in cold water now.

There are many ways to save on your heating costs. From grabbing a sweater to
opening south facing curtains during the day, you will find many savings.

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