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Top Twenty-Five Complaints about Air Conditioning and Heating Systems in Memphis

  1. My equipment doesn’t work as well as it used to
  2. My equipment never worked well
  3. My equipment works too well
  4. The rooms in my house are either too hot or too cold at the same time
  5. My humidity is too high
  6. My humidity is too low
  7. My utility bill is too high
  8. My equipment is new and my bills are still too high
  9. My thermostat must be broken because I have to turn it off and on all the time
  10. There is “mold” on my grills
  11. My equipment is too loud
  12. I think I am allergic to my house
  13. There is water on the inside of my windows
  14. My unit won’t shut off
  15. The grills in my house rattle and make noise
  16. I get nauseous in my house
  17. There is lots of dust in my house
  18. My ducts look dirty
  19. There is a smell in my house
  20. My thermostat is on 68 and it is still 74 in my house
  21. My unit runs all the time but never reaches the temperature I set it on
  22. My Memphis ductwork is sweating
  23. My unit keeps turning off and on and I can’t get comfortable
  24. My house shocks me
  25. Since my mother-in-law moved in the house is too hot


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