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postcardYou love your Midtown home . . . most of the time. It has character. It isn’t exactly a love/hate relationship. It is, well, more complicated than that. Your home is fussy. There is really no other word for it. You knew when you bought your home that it was a mutual decision between you and it. This was “THE ONE” the One with that very special something that made it yours.

Your complicated relationship needs a little help. We understand.

After all, this relationship has to work because you can’t imagine a life in the ‘burbs.

Your Midtown Home Feeling Drafty, Chilly and Fussy?

You love it but . . . it can be a temperamental, drafty, chilly, dusty, sneezy, sticky, hot, utility hog that NEVER feels “just right.” Is the breeze supposed to come from THERE?

It may have boiler heat you love, but also fear and didn’t even know needed maintenance (it does). You have often wondered if there was ANY WAY to make the heat more consistent throughout your home from your boiler or regular furnace.

It may need central air conditioning, but where would it go? It may have central air conditioning but they sure didn’t know what they were doing when they put THAT thing in.

If your home could talk … it would tell you to call us — We Can Fix ALL That!

We understand how your historic home works and how to make it work better. We also know that it is a very huge part of your family and treat it as such.

If you are like most people who live in Midtown, you aren’t like most people who live anywhere else.

You love the individuality of your home, right down to the creak on the right hand side of the third step. The slight tilt of the floor in the den was a selling point. The porch in the front or the back or both reminds you of a time when neighbors spent time there in the days before air conditioning. You may still congregate there in the summer because your home with air conditioning doesn’t feel like it has any. The fireplace is original, of course, so are the drafts . . . everywhere. That first MLG&W bill probably threw you a bit.

A basement seemed so wonderful at first – Oh what you would store there! Now perhaps you center yourself before you go down there to check it for flooding after the rain.

There is a “boiler something” down there that produces heat but it has a mind of its own. Even if you have no boiler, your furnace is just as bad. You need a four season wardrobe indoors in the winter. You rationalize to yourself: after all, temperature differences are why dressing in layers is so popular. Perhaps you had not planned on needing layers to go from the bedroom to the den or shedding them on your way to the kitchen. Inside you say: this is such a small price to pay to live in the Midtown home you love.

How could it be that you never heard of knob and tube wiring before? We’ll warn you now – do not let anyone put insulation in if you have it.

You have special heating, air conditioning and comfort issues. We know how to take care of everything from your 50+ year old boiler to the drafts that seem to appear from nowhere. Your plaster walls and ceilings are safe with us. Yes, you can control the heat from your boiler or furnace, we know how. Yes we can insulate your home if you do not have knob and tube wiring. Even better news for you is that we KNOW where and how to recommend it in the proper way for YOUR individual home. No, you do not have to change your windows unless you just don’t like them so don’t let anyone talk you out of windows you love. You love your midtown home and with our help, you will love it even more.

Don’t trust your Midtown home to just anyone


And make it possible for you to love your Midtown home — even more

Midtown Trivia Nugget:

“Midtown Is Memphis” was coined in 1993 by John Branston and Tom Foster. It started out as a slogan for a promotional campaign to help Midtown parents drive less. The effort was aimed at bringing a sports complex to Midtown so that Midtown teams would not have to always travel to Germantown or Cordova to play competitive sports. You can read about it here, in the MemphisFlyer.

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