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More Quality Home Climate Control Options

Our expert HVAC Contractors can take care of your home’s HVAC systems no matter what equipment you have installed or wish to have. We have a full line of great services available to meet all your needs, and all our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee on workmanship.

If you have hot spots, your air is cool enough but your home won’t cool down, or you’re missing insulation in hidden areas, the home performance evaluation will help us determine what needs to be fixed. Our expert technicians are fully trained, experienced, licensed, insured, and ready to handle your heating and air equipment as well as your energy savings and indoor air quality and comfort needs!

Attic Tents

Attic Tents help you to keep treated air where it’s supposed to be, inside your living space in your home. Unknown to many, treated air often escapes through your attic access door or panel, leaving you vulnerable to high energy bills and wasted air. Help your home keep cool and your energy bills lower with Attic Tents installed by Precision Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC!


CO Monitors

As part of our whole solution methodology, our company provides you with CO Monitors so you can stay safe and healthy in your home. As just one of our air quality control services, the CO Monitors ensures you have safe levels of Carbon Monoxide inside your home.


eScore – TVA Program

The eScore TVA Program is helpful to determine where your energy travels throughout your home and how much is produced and wasted. It can tell you where you need to insulate better or where you’re leaking air as well as providing helpful information about hot zones or other problems. It’s an important evaluation that becomes the backbone of finding and curing the cause behind the problems.


Home Performance

How your home creates, uses, and stores or transfers energy is important. Your home may be having poor performance issues that are difficult to isolate the cause of. The home performance test uses the eScore – TVA Program to determine your home’s energy efficiency and what needs to be done to cure the situation once and for all.



IQAir is an air purification system for your home. It handles your indoor air, purifying it before it gets released to you. Get rid of mold spores, pet dander, dust mite droppings, saliva protiens, pollen, and more with these awesome air purification systems from IQAirTM!


Kool Kap

The Kool Kap is a cover for your air conditioning condenser (outside air unit). Many people enjoy them for protecting the unit from debris and impacts. The Kool Kap is a simple solution and is easy to install. It’s the only cover you can get that is safe to leave on during condenser operation, whereas other covers manufactured can only be placed when the unit isn’t on. Covers like a common tarp will create moisture that will rust out your parts, so go with the Kool Kap and you’ll enjoy knowing your condenser is secure and safe.


Maintenance Agreements

Our maintenance agreements will go a long way to keeping your HVAC system in great shape. Preventative measures are always better than waiting until you have problems. Ensure your system lasts through every season, giving you the most in energy savings, comfort, and health. Increase the longevity of all machinery by ensuring your units run cleanly and efficiently.


Midtown Homes

Historic homes need special care and considerations when making changes. Our HVAC contractors are fully versed at Midtown Homes heating and air conditioning system needs. We have many perfect solutions for you whether your Midtown Home has a central air system or not. Give us a call because we can fix any older system equipment you have as well as offer you the perfect heating and cooling solutions that don’t require ductwork!


Thermostats, Programmable

Programmable thermostats give you the option of controlling your home’s air systems automatically. You can program your thermostat to automatically turn on and off at differing temperature settings. You can even set adjustments for several times a day if that is what you choose. For instance, during nightime you can keep it a little warmer or cooler, set for automatic changes at daybreak when everyone’s awake, change again when everyone’s left the house, and then once more for bedtime temperatures.


Thermostats, Internet Ready

Internet ready, or Wi-Fi thermostats are available now. As well as programming, these thermostats offer you smart solutions with today’s technologies. Highly advanced, the internet ready thermostat allows you to control your home’s HVAC system remotely, anywhere over the internet. Change or monitor your thermostat settings and more (like your lighting and irrigation systems) with these cool new Wi-Fi thermostats!
If you’re a homeowner in Memphis or surrounding areas, just give us a call any time you’re looking for expert HVAC Contractors who serve you well. Don’t waste your money by trying to put a band-aid on your system by hiring those less experienced when the issues can be found and resolved once and for all.
We have all the right equipment and all the right solutions to take care of all your HVAC needs and take care of them right!


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