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    Excellent IQAirTM Memphis Air Purifiers

    Air purification systems like the IQAirTM for your home handle your air before it’s released into your home, cleaning it up to make it more healthy to breathe for you and your loved ones. Memphis Air Purifiers can get rid of much of the dust and dander, and other air particles, that can make us sick.

    As add on systems in most cases, the air purifier processes the air through filtration to remove airborne irritants that can cause problems for people who suffer from serious allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory conditions like C.O.P.D.

    The IQAirTM system is the top rated air purifier noted for helping to reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies, but offers you smaller particle filtration than many other systems. It is one of the most popular choices for homeowners. It handles fine particle removal better than most out there, efficiently removing fine particles measuring 0.1 micron and below.

    Here are a few facts about air particles and sizes:

    • Mold Spores are relatively large at 1 to 75 microns
    • Pollen is relatively large and varies from 0.35-250 microns
    • Pet Dander ranges small up to .1 micron
    • Dust Mite Droppings can be sub-micron sized. Can be suspended as house dust.
    • Saliva Proteins (same as previous)

    As studies in indoor air quality and the effects of particulate matter on health advance, we discover more about how these particles are a threat to health of occupants exposed to them.

    IQAirTM specializes in technologies that help us clean up our indoor air. They offer options for purification including highly functional systems with HEPA filtration that can absolutely clean your air. These systems have won awards and and been consistently ranked well on consumer reports.

    Some of the benefits of the IQAirTM System are:

    • Remote control unit
    • Built tough
    • Perfect Filtering
    • Filters are tightly sealed
    • Independently change filters one at a time
    • No vibration, knocking, or transmitting sound to other rooms
    • Most proficient prefilter on any air cleaner
    • The prefilter alone beats many cheaper air purifiers
    • Chemical and odor filtering capability
    • Super HEPA Filters
    • High degree of toxic VOC gas removal
    • Certified as 100% ozone free
    • Chemical Filtering

    Why Memphis Loves our IQAirTM Purifiers

    Our Memphis HVAC Air Purifier Contractors have been working with IQAirTM Air Purifiers for some time and know all about your home’s air purification needs. We can help you get the most from an air purification system that’s specific to your needs.

    The IQAirTM is our top choice in purification and air filtration systems on the market, and we install many of these in the area. If you’d like to clean up the air in your home, let us help you choose the right IQAirTM purification system for your needs.

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    If you are interested in IQAirTM Memphis Air Purifiers, please call us today at 901-372-0036 or complete our online request form.

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