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Reviews and Testimonials for Precision Air Conditioning & Heating

Good morning Kathy!I was pulling vines off the side of the house late yesterday afternoon and accidentally disconnected an AC wire…..AC instantly cut off……of course I called Amanda and Taylor just happened to be working in my area. She sent Taylor to the rescue in 20 min!!! He was just at my house last month thanks to a squirrel in the attic!!….Highest marks for Taylor!…so professional and polite, yet friendly….extremely knowledgeable and quick to get to the repair!….what is there to say about Amanda?….except always to the rescue!!!!!!I would say I will recommend you to my neighbors, but I think everyone in my neighborhood is already a loyal customer like me!! Give yourself A+ and 5 stars!!

- Suzanne Wilson |

From the 1st call to service performed…the best service we have had in a long long time. Taylor arrived promptly, advised us on everything he was going to check and what was needed to get our AC up and running. He completed the work in a very timely manner, was courteous and knowledgeable. We will not hesitate to use PRECISION for all our HVAC needs. Thank you TAYLOR!!

- Robert & Brenda Burns |

I have been using Precision for my heating and air needs since moving into my almost 100 year-old home in 2008. They have repaired and maintained my boiler unit, making my home the coziest ever, and they have come out on a hot summer day at a moment’s notice to fix my air conditioner. This company has a small-town family business feel about it. Amanda is always helpful on the phone, and Justin always does wonderful work. They are all very professional, but most of all, personable. I will recommend this company to others based on my personal experience. Thank you!

- Christa Smith |

About three and a half or four years ago you replaced a balky LG mini split unit for my attic with a Fujitsu. The Fujitsu always ran like a champ and kept that attic room cooled. Two and a half years ago Annette and I decided to separate and I moved to Knoxville. I’m in Memphis for a three day “help Annette” visit, and just out of curiosity I fired up the Fujitsu, which had not run once since I left. It came right up for about 30 seconds and then shut down. I set the fan on “run” and went downstairs to see if I could scare the outdoor unit into showing life. When I got there, it was running again, so I took a water hose and washed out all the 2 1/2 years of grunge on the fan and coils. We left the house to run a couple of errands and returned one hour later. When I opened the door to the attic to shut the Fujitsu off, I felt a blast of cold air. It was still running and had cooled the room down from I would guess near 100 degrees to the high 70’s, and was well on it’s way to making the 76 degrees where I had left it set. What an incredible product!!! Your service through my tribulations with the LG was exceptional, even though it never did work properly, and your full replacement of the unit with the Fujitsu was well beyond what one might expect from another company. Thank you so much for your efforts and concern toward getting it right! I just wanted you to know what a terrific job you guys did. I’ll be returning to Knoxville tomorrow and the Fujitsu will probably sit for another two years before being fired up again, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it came right up and ran again. (Annette doesn’t use the room.)

- John Buffaloe |

Y’all are great. Service excellent and always with a wonderful attitude. And Thanks so much for the jelly beans. Such a nice surprise.

- Amy |

Thank you for continued good service

- Robert G. |

Loved you guys!! Very professional, yet personable!!

- Johnathan & Laurie R. |

For over 20 years, Precision has been my heat and air company. I have always been pleased with the quality of service I received and have referred friends and clients also. They always arrange to come to my rescue when I have a problem.

- Claire Fox |

We have been customers for years and have always had positive experiences with Precision.

- Dale & Marcia B. |

Thanks for the prompt service.

- Buddy L. |

The rep explained everything he did and told me any problems to call them back and they would see if there was something they missed. The Precision Plan™ we had covered this visit.

- Carol P. |

Am very impressed with the thoroughness of the estimate procedure.

- Dan B. |

We were well pleased with the service. The ones that did the work were friendly and we enjoyed talking with them. It was a wonderful job they did.

- Martha P. |

I’m very, very satisfied with your company.

- Johnnie F. |

You did a very thorough and professional job.

- Fred & Linda S. |


- Janet Z. |

Technician was punctual, informative and courteous. He performed routine maintenance on our heating system, cleaned components, and adjusted air flow. We are satisfied with the service received

- Charles & Barbara A. |

The service person was very courteous and EXTREMELY competent!

- James G. |

Thanks! I’m very satisfied with the Precision Plan

- Millicent S. |

I was very impressed by your company – top to bottom.

- Michael D. |

The young man was very nice. I was very comfortable with him while he was here. I wish all service people were as nice. He knew what he was doing and did a great job.

- Sylvia C. |

It has been a pleasure having your company taking care of us since we moved to Memphis in 1980. We know that we can trust what you do and say is fair and correct.

- Richard & Martha F. |

We have so enjoyed our new air conditioning system! Thank you to your whole team for doing such a professional job. Especially thank you for being such an expert in air flow/quality. We are grateful for your expertise on old boilers and radiators

- Conrad & Johanna L. |

I just wish ya’ll covered other services I need like car mechanics, plumbing and yard care!

- Rhonda P. |

Precision – you’re the best! Thanks for all you do

- Carey F. |

All of your technicians are “the best”! I have always been impressed by everyone’s work, personable attitude and manners. Keep up the good work!

- Dale & Loretta E. |

I recommend you often. Those who have called you always are pleased. Thank you for your unfailing prompt, professional, capable service.

- Virginia M. |

Your Service Tech was very professional and courteous. I could not be happier with the work done or the attitude displayed by Precision.

- Bernard M. |

Always pleasant to do business with you!

- Beth S. |

Thanks for excellent service.

- Catherine M. |

What I expect is for someone to show up on time and do an excellent job so the systems operate as they are designed to. If the design is not sufficient, I expect expert advice on how to make the system operate efficiently. That’s what Precision means to me!

- Al & Amy B. |

Again I want to say thanks for all your help and quick response.

- John G. |

Great work – no complaints.

- Byron T. |

Thanks for giving me such good service during such a difficult time. I was traveling and you made my vacation continue in a very nice way. Your promptness and repairs were much appreciated.

- Paul A. |

Very dependable, trustworthy, honest. The best in business. Reliable, good people. The whole crew are #1. The best service in town.

- Cruz Q. |

Precision answered a lot of my questions about my air conditioner that I had and I appreciate that.

- Michael N. |

Over the years, we have been very satisfied with your service. We appreciate advice given to help improve air & heating costs!!

- Allan H. |

Everything is working out fine. Thanks for your help.

- Jim M. |

Thank you so much – we had a fantastic experience!

- Catherine R. |

Very courteous, professional and efficient.

- Diane S. |

The service I received was great!

- Patricia B. |

Your staff is always helpful and gives great information. We are very pleased with your service. We trust your recommendations

- Lloyd & Janet G. |

Service Technician was very professional and courteous.

- Michael P. |

I have had Precision Air Conditioning & Heating service since 1997. They have never failed to respond quickly, diagnose and fix the problem, and leave me with a sense of security and complete satisfaction.

- Casa B. |

Thank you for seeing me the day I called during your busy summer. I was a previous customer, but my Precision Plan™ had lapsed.

- Michelle O. |

Outstanding job, very professional, and I will call again as the need arises.

- Charles P. |

I have always been very satisfied with the promptness of your service. I appreciate the respect that you have given to the inconvenience of heat/air problems.

- Jody & Elizabeth K. |

Your company is great. I have 100% confidence in your work. I wish other companies would use Precision as an example of how to treat customers. I have never had a bad experience with Precision

- James & Judy H. |

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