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Memphis Tankless VS Storage Water Heaters – Which is the Best?

Are you having difficulty in deciding whether it’s better to go with a conventional storage water heater in your Memphis home or make a larger investment in a Memphis tankless water heater? Below is a short highlight of two of the ways the tanked water heater and the tankless water heater are different.


Running out of hot water has always been an issue in storage water heaters. Because there is a limited amount of hot water in the tank at one time there is a possibility that the hot water will run out when you need it the most. Although this problem can be remedied by using a bigger water tank, you will still run out of hot water eventually, especially if you have a large family and you are the unfortunate last one that gets to take a shower every morning.Po

Properly installed and sized tankless water heaters offer a limitless amount of hot water. Unlike conventional hot water heaters that store hot water in tanks before dispersing it out of the tap, tankless heaters heat up the water as they pass through the system itself. Because the water is heated on their way to you from the main water line, you can enjoy having long hot showers every day without having to fear about running out of hot water.

Energy Saving

Traditional water heaters in Memphis need to constantly heat up their water tanks so that there will always be hot water on standby whenever you need it. The heaters turn on when the thermostat built inside these systems sense that the temperature of the water gets too cold and then turn up the heat until the water gets hot again. This constant heating of the stored water means that these kinds of water heaters are constantly consuming energy even if the hot water is not used for a long time.

A tankless water heater saves money on your MLG&W bill because it only heats up the water at the very time that you need hot water. The heater only operates when the hot water is turned on at the tap, thus it only uses utilities when you need hot water. When you are out of the house or in vacation, the hot water heater remains off until the next time that you need it; this makes it very energy saving.  If you have an electric water heater now but have gas service available at your home, we strongly recommend a tankless water heater. Electric water heaters cost the most to run. Switching to gas should make a huge dent in the electric portion of your MLG&W bill,

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